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DOT Compliance Group MCS 150 update, A complete guide for the trucking industry

If you have operating authority in the trucking industry, there are things you need to do to stay compliant. The USDOT and FMCSA have put strict measures in place to ensure the safety of motor carriers as well as the residents of the United States.

Of all the rules and regulations to comply with, we shall be talking about the MCS 150 filing in this article. If you have any doubts about the MCS 150 update, going through this article will help clear your doubts.

What is the MCS 150 update?

The MCS 150 update is done every other year, i.e., biennially. It involves filing an update on the general information of your business. Information such as the number of miles your vehicles travelled the previous year, any addition to your fleet, and other simple information.

As an owner of a trucking company, you are required to file for the MCS 150 update every two years. However, due to the nature of the trucking business, most business owners forget about some of these simple but essential rules and regulations. Failure to comply with FMCSA’s rules can lead to the deactivation of your USDOT number and other penalties to the tune of $10,000.

How to file the MCS 150 update form

Filing the MCS 150 form can be done for free if you have the time needed to go through the process. You can head to FMCSA’s website to fill the form online. You can also download and print out the form. There are four things you will need to go through the process – your DOT number, DOT pin, EIN or SSN, and Company information.

You probably must have stored your pin some time ago when it was sent to you. However, if you don’t have your pin, you can request it again and it will take about a week for you to get it. So, we will advise you to store the pin when you get it so that you don’t have to request and wait for about a week again next time you want to file for the update.

After filling out your company’s information in the form you printed out, you can upload it back on the website, mail it to FMCSA, or fax a signed copy to 202-366-3477

However, it is always advisable to do the filing online because you can easily edit any errors and use other features on the website. Also, filing online is faster than mailing.

Whether you make any significant changes in your business information or not, you need to do this filing every other year.

Knowing The Right Time Or Deadline For Your MCS 150 Update

If you don’t know when to update your business information, we will make that clear to you now.

Knowing the right time to file for the MCS 150 update lies on your USDOT number. The two last digits of your DOT number determine the time to file for updates. While the last digit represents your filing month, the number before the last represents the year of filing.

Below is a breakdown of the last digit and the month it stands for:

USDOT Number Last DigitDeadline for MCS 150 Update

From the table above, if the last digit on your USDOT number is 6, it means that the deadline for your update is June. If the last digit on your USDOT is 0, it means that the deadline is October.

Now, as for the year you need to be updating your company’s information, it depends on the number before the last. If the number before the last is odd, it means your updating would be done every odd year.

Assuming the last two digits of your USDOT number is 92. Since 9 is an odd number, your biennial update will be every odd year (2021, 2023, 2025, 2027, …). Since the last number is 2, going with what we have on the table above, 2 represents the month of February.

Are There Any Consequences For Not Updating Your Company’s Information?

FMCSA takes its rules and regulations seriously. Updating your MCS 150 form helps FMCSA to have accurate information about your company. This information is used to analyze your safety score in their Compliance, Safety, and Accountability Program (CSA). So, you must ensure that the information you file is as accurate as possible in order not to affect your safety score.

As for the consequences that follow not being compliant, you may lose your USDOT number and pay penalties of up to $10,000. Some trucking companies didn’t file for years and thought the biennial update wasn’t necessary. However, at any time, the authority can just work up to you and request to see your filings over the years. When this happens and you can’t show them proofs, it could lead to huge penalties you could have averted. So, we advise every trucking company to stay compliant with all the rules and regulations.

Now, why the process of filing the MCS 150 form may look very straightforward, it is not usually the case. Not filing your information accurately or making some little errors will get your form rejected. Some people submitted up to 5 times and all were rejected. This can make the process frustrating and daunting. You don’t have to go through all the stress when you can use a legal third-party company to do all your registration for you.

DOT Compliance Group MCS 150 Update Services

At DOT Compliance Group, we strive to offer trucking companies the leverage they need in their businesses. We have a team of experts that are committed to helping trucking businesses handle any compliance issues.

Whether it is MCS 150 update or any other registration needed to keep your vehicles on the road, we are always available and ready to render our services. Don’t have your USDOT pin for your biennial update? We will retrieve it for you and handle your company’s information filing professionally.

Get in touch with us today and we will be pleased to help you stay compliant 24/7.

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