BOC-3 Form What is it and Why It is Required By The FMCSA

BOC-3 Form: What is it and Why It is Required By The FMCSA?

If you are a transportation company or commercial motor carrier, you must fill out the BOC-3 form. It is essential if you want to operate within the United States. You can operate as a broker, a freight forwarder, or a motor carrier as per your ambition. When you start your new trucking company, in addition to managing all your administrative tasks, filling out your BOC-3 form is very important.

The following section talks about the BOC-3 application and the many reasons you should not avoid it under any circumstances

What Is The Meaning Of BOC-3? How Does It Impact Your Business?

BOC-3 stands for “blanket of coverage”. You will be asked to fill out the BOC-3 form as proof to show to the federal motor carrier safety administration that you have a process agent in every state that you operate in. It is a list of entities which can be small companies or individuals who are given the permission or right or authority to receive legal documents on your behalf.

What Is A BOC-3 Form And Why Is It Important For Your Trucking Company?

You as the owner of a trucking company are required to fill out a BOC-3 form. It must contain the names and addresses of all those individuals who are authorized to receive legal documents on your behalf. They can be located in any of the 50 states and also the District of Columbia provided that you do business over there. Most filing procedures are carried out online and therefore, the BOC-3 form is a way to keep everything digital and automated.

Filing Your BOC-3 On Your Own

It is recommended that you do not do the filing on your own. Despite the fact that it is very easy to do, it is not a good idea to add more responsibilities to your shoulders. You should get in touch with your third-party administrator or DOT compliance manager instead and they will do the needful on your behalf.

It is important to note that the cost is subjective in most cases. If you are a motor carrier, you must authorize a BOC 3 designation of process agent to file for you. In the case of a freight forwarder or carrier who does not operate or own any commercial vehicles, they are allowed to file their BOC-3 with a physical paper copy as well.

You Must Be Wondering What A BOC-3 Process Agent Is

A BOC-3 process agent is also known as an FMCSA agent. This is an individual or it can also be a business or any other legal entity that is appointed to receive legal documents on your behalf. You are going to make that choice. For example, if you receive a complaint or any legal communication, or a summons, this individual or agent will be authorized to receive those documents on your behalf before you do. Before you start operating across the United States, you must have a BOC 3 designation of process agent across all the states where you wish to spread your operations. For example, if you want to work in Oklahoma and Arkansas, you must have a BOC-3 agent in each of these States.

The Importance Of Having A BOC-3 Process Agent / FMCSA Agent

There are many instances and situations in which you will be required to elect your process agents. There is no other way to go about it. Working with these agents is a more practical approach for several reasons. Their services range depending upon what capacity you work in. They can give you a lot of useful advice, counsel, communication with the federal motor carriers safety administration, and assistance with your business administrative tasks as well. And needless to say that these experts file hundreds of BOC-3 forms practically every day. So they know what they have to do and you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

What Do You Mean By BOC-3 Coverage?

As explained above, BOC-3 coverage means “blanket of coverage”. You can assign a business or an entity or a person to provide you with trucking coverage in all of the 50 states or anywhere you have operations. All trucking companies across the country are required to file a BOC 3 form with the FMCSA. They are also required to keep a physical copy of the BOC-3 form at their primary place of business or in their commercial vehicles

Costs Associated With BOC-3 Filing

The BOC-3 filing process will have a different cost depending upon the agent that you have selected. It depends on what level or range of services you have asked them to perform for you as well. You may choose to purchase additional services from them apart from just your usual BOC filing. There are a lot of complexities related to FMCSA rules and regulations. If you decide to use any of their additional services to help you out with them, the entire cost is going to change significantly.

How Do I Know If I Am Required To Have A BOC-3 In The First Place?

If you are a motor carrier or a freight forwarder or a broker working in the transport sector you are required to fill out a BOC-3 form and file the same with the federal motor carrier safety administration. If you want authority to work as a trucking company or a motor carrier across the United States, filing BOC-3 is necessary. Remember that you will be asked to file for your BOC-3 if you want to reinstate your MC or FF number too. To successfully complete your BOC-3 registration online, you will need the following information:

  • Name and address of your trucking company 
  • The name of the person or the title of the entity that has been authorized to sign and receive documents on your behalf
  • The name and address of the BOC-3 process agent in every state that you operate in

Filing Your BOC-3, Is It A Long Process?

It is all a matter of how fast you can select your BOC-3 process agents. Once you have paid their fee, they will be authorized to file for you. It is only going to take 3 or 4 business days for the entire process to complete. Once the federal motor carrier safety administration has received all the documents, they will mail you your operating authority.

To Sum It All Up…

It is always better to associate with a DOT compliance facilitator or group in your city. They understand what you go through when you are trying to manage all the responsibilities, chores, and formalities of running a successful business and also maintaining your dot compliance throughout the year. They know what to do and how to take care of your BOC-3 filing and all the documentation and legal procedures.

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