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Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse

You need to understand the importance of the drug and alcohol clearinghouse which is a secure online database providing employers in the transport sector with real-time information about various compliances. This information helps them remain operational seamlessly. The clearinghouse is operated by the federal motor carrier safety administration. The information provided by this database is helpful not only for employers but state law enforcement personnel and state driver licensing agencies as well. It holds necessary data about commercial driver's licenses and commercial learner's permit holder's drug and alcohol program violations.

The DACH contains critical data about violations of various drug and alcohol users including but not limited to positive drug or alcohol test results and also test refusals. As your driver completes his return to duty process and becomes a part of a follow-up testing plan, this little detail is also added to the clearinghouse record. All your drivers who hold CLPs and CDLs are subject to this requirement and should register with the DACH right away.

DOT Compliance Group

Need Help With Clearinghouse? You Are On The Right Track With Us

If you need any help with clearinghouse, you will need the assistance of our expert professionals. You can get an instant consultation and adequate guidance with DCG anytime anywhere. Our all-encompassing driver assistance program includes the following and a lot more:

  • Driver registration process
  • Easy authentication and login with your phone
  • Identify and locate a substance abuse professional in case of a violation
  • Enroll in a quick return to duty test when you complete the SAP program
DOT Compliance Group

Services For Owner Operators - Third Party Consortium/Administrators You Can Trust

DCG is the ideal partner for you if you are an owner or operator. Working in this capacity you are required to fulfill all the clearing house responsibilities laid down by the federal motor carrier safety administration. You can designate us to help you comply with all those responsibilities in the clearinghouse.

With Us You Get:

  • Unlimited consultation for all your clearinghouse matters
  • Employer required queries
  • Employer required violation reports
  • Policy addendum

Understanding Clearinghouse Registration

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Every CDL/CLP holder in your company will need to register. However, there are a few circumstances that might necessitate them to register such as:

  • If they want to view their information electronically that is recorded in the clearinghouse database arrives.
  • It allows you as an employer to make a query request which is important in case of pre-employment
  • You can also make a full query with regards to information on any particular driver.

You need to remember that if your driver fails to register and is not able to provide consent for queries under the above-mentioned circumstances, he will be rendered ineligible to work in any safety-sensitive positions covered by the FMCSA.

Clearinghouse Requirements You Should Be Aware Of

As an employer, you will be subject to the following DOT requirements under the FMCSA clearinghouse

  • Queries of all new drivers
  • Annual queries of all your existing drivers
  • Alcohol test positives should be reported
  • Employer determined refusals to be tested
  • Negative return to duty test should be reported
  • Completion of follow-up testing programs to be reported
  • Policies and education programs need to be updated so that the same can be notified to the drivers when reported to the clearinghouse
DOT Compliance Group

As an owner operator, it is in your best interest (mandatory) to employ the services of a third-party administrator/consortium for all your clearinghouse requirements.