Drug & Alcohol Testing Program Enrollment

DOT's regulation 49CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) for federal motor carriers (FMSCA) requires random drug and alcohol testing for companies with multiple employees (§382.303) as well as owner-operators (§382.103). We offer a program to help you meet this requirement:

  • Your annual program management fee is only $199 - regardless of if you are an owner-operator or the DER of a company with multiple employees.
  • DOT drug tests with full Medical Review Officer (MRO) service are $89/ea.
  • Evidential Breath Testing (EBT) alcohol tests are $89/ea.

NOTE: DOT Compliance Group accepts credit and/or debit card payments.

The mission of DOT Compliance Group is to keep you and your drug and alcohol program DOT compliant with a simple - yet effective program for peace of mind.

After your annual program management fee is paid, any costs from drug or alcohol testing of drivers will be paid via debit and/or credit card at the rate of $89 for DOT drug test and $89 for DOT alcohol test. You will never pay at the testing site if you use one of 18,000+ testing sites nationally within the preferred network. You may view invoices online or pay at any time by card. Unpaid balances are automatically charged monthly using your billing information on file. Drivers may be added or deleted, or status viewed by logging into the website.

Suppose a current driver has been enrolled in a DOT-compliant drug testing consortium in the past 30 days AND a negative drug test for the driver is on record. In that case, that driver can immediately be added to the testing consortium. Otherwise, the driver must take a pre-enrollment drug test with a negative result to be added to the testing consortium.


The most common pre-employment drug test that is performed is urinalysis. This is the medical term given to a typical urine test. Once a conditional offer of employment is provided to the candidate, this test is in tow. It can show traces of drugs and the effects of the same that are still in the body of the candidate. Usually, an employee will have to go through a 5-panel urine test for a complete examination. It is entirely the discretion of the enterprise as to what kind of urine test they want to incorporate in their pre-employment testing procedures.

What is considered a positive result on a drug test for alcohol?

You can fail a drug or alcohol test by testing positive to a drug test, or registering a 0.04 or greater alcohol content in your bloodstream. Refusing to take a drug test or breath alcohol test is also equivalent to testing positive. Also, today such tests have become very stringent and advanced. They can detect even the tiniest traces of alcohol in your system. They will be able to find alcohol traces even days after exposure. If you use anything that contains ethyl alcohol, it is going to show up on your breath, blood, and urine sample which might be flagged for traces of alcohol once you have taken your alcohol drug test.

If you are going for an alcohol drug test or any kind of drug test, it is advised not to drink for at least a week or more. Alcohol will be easily traceable in your bloodstream for up to 12 hours. If you are going in for a urine test, it can be detected easily for up to 3 to 5 days. In case you have chosen to go for a hair follicle drug test, alcohol and other drugs can show for up to 90 days.